The Great & Grand Rumpus


11 Dec –
18 Apr 2022

9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday
10 am – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday

Gallery, Level 2
State Library of Queensland
Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland
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this is a free event.


Explore The Great & Grand Rumpus, a sculptural, digital, and immersive installation at State Library of Queensland.

The origin of the exhibition lies in the limitless imagination of children. This 15-month community engagement project invited children from around Brisbane to expand their imagination, and in doing so dream up a collection of fantastic, astonishing and magical things.

A community of makers, volunteers, and creative industry, arts and design students brought these things to life as a series of giant sculptural and interactive installations scaling five metres high.

In the make-believe land of The Great & Grand Rumpus, anything is possible – from sharks with legs to one-eyed creatures that shoot laser beams. Explore the magic that can happen through a creative, co-designed and collaborative process.

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Due to flooding impacts, the Queensland Cultural Centre, including State Library of Queensland and The Edge, is closed until further notice.


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