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Architecture Media
Architecture Media is an online and print publisher and events company with its focus on the built environment – practitioners, clients, suppliers and the wider community. Design adds immeasurable value to our environment, contributing to a sustainable future, economic success and our individual health, wellbeing and enjoyment. Architecture Media is about celebrating these achievements and sharing the benefits through websites, print and digital publications, awards programs and speaker events.

Architecture Media is an associate company of the Australian Institute of Architects. Its products are variously endorsed by professional bodies including the Australian Institute of Architects, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, the Design Institute of Australia and the Planning Institute of Australia.

State Library of Queensland
Inspiring possibilities through knowledge, stories and creativity, State Library of Queensland is the custodian of Queensland’s cultural, intellectual and social achievements. It is a place of experimentation, possibility and inclusion, where knowledge empowers, and diversity is celebrated. 

State Library plays a lead role in serving all Queenslanders, through statewide library services and partnerships with more than 320 vibrant public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres in Queensland. 

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