Manu Sobti



The University of Queensland



Manu Sobti is an Islamic architecture and urban historian, previously associate professor at the School of Architecture & Urban Planning at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (SARUP-UWM) in the US.

As a recognized scholar and innovative educator, he served as director of SARUP-UWM’s India Winterim Program (2008–2015). This foreign study program worked intensively with local architecture schools in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Chandigarh, allowing students and faculty to actively interact. Sobti also set up a similar, research-focused program in Uzbekistan, engaging advanced undergraduate and graduate students to undertake field research at sites, archives and cultural landscapes. Sobti also helped coordinate the Building-Landscapes-Cultures focus of SARUP-UWM’s Doctoral Program (2011-2013), creating opportunities for student research in diverse areas of architectural and urban history and in multiple global settings.


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