Dr Waldemar Jenek



Queensland University of Technology



Dr Waldemar Jenek is an experienced researcher and educator specializing in the intersection of education, technology and architecture. With a strong focus on computational technologies and their impact on architectural design, his research explores immersive environments, interactive computer graphics and parametric design, connecting the digital and physical worlds. He is passionate about integrating immersive technologies into education, leveraging his expertise in software design; augmented, virtual and mixed realities; and media architecture. With a PhD and extensive industry and academia experience, he imparted his knowledge through several teaching positions at prestigious institutions. His collaboration with a number of software providers, such as Graphisoft, Vectorworks, Allplan and Epic Games, strengthens his competence as a proven additional BIM specialist. Waldemar Jenek is a pioneering force in architectural technology and education, continuously pushing boundaries in the field


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