James Grose



Principal, BVN



James Grose is the principal of BVN, where he has led the team in a number of benchmark and award-winning projects. Working across a full range of project types and scales, James has consolidated a position of accomplishment in the architectural profession through design innovation, built works, awards, professional leadership and publications. James started at the end of the 1980s with his own practice, Grose Bradley Architecture, before becoming a principal of BVN through a merger in 1998, and he was then appointed national director in 2006. James has led BVN project teams in a number of benchmark projects, most recently the Australian Embassy in Bangkok and the CSIRO’s Synergy Building. Among the numerous architecture award-winning projects is the seminal Campus MLC, the Brain and Mind Research Institute at The University of Sydney, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, the Australian PlantBank and ASB North Wharf that amongst other awards received the New Zealand Architecture Medal in 2014.


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