Luke Hayward



Atelier Luke

Byron Bay, Australia and Kyoto, Japan


Luke Hayward is an Australian architect and Japanese 1st-class Kenchikushi (architect and building engineer). His practice, Atelier Luke, collaborates closely with local craftspeople to create uniquely personalized and culturally sensitive designs. Built work by Atelier Luke has been recognized with multiple awards and frequent publication globally, in magazines, newspapers and books.

As the first architect in the world to be registered in Japan via the APEC Architect Project, and one of only a handful of architects registered in both Australia and Japan, Luke is uniquely positioned to practice in both countries. 

In 2021, Luke was the inaugural recipient of the Emerging Architect Prize at the Australian Institute of Architects International Chapter Architecture Awards. The award jury cited Atelier Luke as “a remarkable international practice between Australia and Japan producing outstanding work of a unique sensibility, reflecting both cultural influences.”


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