Maki Onishi & Yuki Hyakuda



Onishimaki + Hyakudayuki Architects

Tokyo, Japan


Onishimaki + Hyakudayuki Architects' office is located in Nihonbashi Hamacho, a downtown neighborhood of Tokyo that still retains the old Edo atmosphere. Formerly a garage, the office space is on the ground floor facing a street. It has been over a year since Maki Onishi and Yuki Hyakuda moved here, but the entrance is still only equipped with a roller shutter. The co-directors therefore always leave it wide open to the street in the same manner as a grocery shop. This causes many inconveniences, such as dusty interiors and noise from nearby waterworks construction sites, keeping us from having focused meetings. However, it also brings us closer to the city and invites many interesting things to happen. For example, the neighbors sometimes bring us homemade snacks and children will wander inside to play. We are constantly surprised by how we have been able to initiate such a fun and rich relationship with the city just by making this small change in our attitude towards the street.

Maki Onishi

  • 1983 – Born in Japan
  • 2006 – Graduated from Kyoto University
  • 2008 – Completed master’s degree at the University of Tokyo
  • 2008 – Started onishimaki+hyakudayuki / o+h
  • 2011-13 – Design assistant at Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture
  • 2017 – Now Guest Professor at Yokohama National University (YGSA)

Yuki Hyakuda

  • 1982 – Born in Japan
  • 2006 – Graduated Kyoto University
  • 2008 – Completed master’s degree at Kyoto University
  • 2008 – Started onishimaki+hyakudayuki / o+h
  • 2009-14 – Works at Toyo Ito & Assciates, Architects
  • 2017-now – Visiting Professor at Yokohama National University (YGSA)


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