Meghan Halverson



Queensland Koala Crusaders

Noosa, Australia


Meghan Halverson is the co-founder of and driving force behind Queensland Koala Crusaders, and is known for her passion on behalf of koalas and other native species. She has received both a Queensland Day Award for Community Service and the Jenny McKay Award for Multicultural Excellence.

Meghan organized the first ever Koala Summit in Noosa in 2012 and was an early and ongoing sponsor of USC’s Detection Dogs for Conservation Centre koala projects. Her efforts made possible the planting of the first 24,000 trees in the Yurol-Ringtail Koala Recovery Project with NDLC by securing international funding. She launched the Noosa Region Koala Rescue team with Wildcare. She was also among rescuers participating in “black walks” following the bushfires and spearheaded fundraising to support animal rescuers and carers. 


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