Environments of Tomorrow

Virtual Event


14 Mar 2022

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm (AEST)


Environments of Tomorrow presents perspectives on the state of India’s built environment and the ways in which this intersects with palpable effects of climate change, environmental degradation, and resource mismanagement.

Representing an ethical community of industry practitioners associated with Manipal University Jaipur, this 90-minute session of lightning talks and panel discussions features three architects with diverse expertise: Sanjay Prakash, an expert on bamboo as a resource, construction material, and tectonic poetry; Chitra Vishwanath, a champion of water conservation, earthen architecture and eco-villages; and Akshay Kaul, who has a landscape architecture practice that crosses into the domains of ecological planning, biodiversity, landscape restoration, and traditional livelihoods.


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