Revitalizing Racecourse Road


13 Jun 2023

6 pm – 8.30 pm (AEST)

St Augustine's Anglican Church, Hamilton
56 Racecourse Road Hamilton, QLD 4007
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“Revitalizing Racecourse Road: Balancing cultural preservation, sustainable development and economic growth through design” will be a captivating panel discussion that delves into the challenges of urban regeneration.

The engaging panel will explore how design can harmoniously balance preserving cultural heritage, driving sustainable development and fuelling economic prosperity.

  • Discover how architecture and design can preserve the rich heritage of Racecourse Road while embracing modern needs and trends.
  • Explore how sustainable design principles can revolutionize the regeneration process, fostering energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and social wellbeing.
  • Uncover the economic potential within Racecourse Road’s revival as design maximizes opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs and residents alike.
  • Witness how community engagement ensures regeneration that reflects the needs and aspirations of local people, fostering inclusivity through participation.

Drawing inspiration from successful case studies of cultural, sustainable and economically vibrant projects, our esteemed panellists share their expertise and make recommendations for Racecourse Road’s transformation.


Michael Rayner
Blight Rayner Architecture



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