Urban Design Alliance Conversation: The 15 Minute City


24 Mar 2021

5.30 pm to 8 pm (AEST)

45 King Street, Bowen Hills, Qld
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This is a free event. Registration essential.


The 15 Minute City is an emerging approach to the planning, design, management and branding of inner cities.

The idea of the 15 Minute City is to organize the spatial distribution of land uses and activities so that local residents can have all their needs met – work, shopping, health, education or culture – within a 15 minute walk from their own doorstep. For the last year, the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns has been felt in urban centres. Some urban theorists and practitioners see the 15 Minute City as a means of bringing life and economic growth back to town and city centres and inner urban areas.

Most planners, urban designers, architects and property professionals would likely agree that urban policy should be about reinvigorating the economies and life of cities, but also towns, medium-sized towns and small cities. This being the case, what lessons can Australian cities take from the 15 Minute City concept? Does it apply to modern Australian cities, should it be used a policy and planning template? Is it applicable to all urban place types?

These and other questions will be addressed in an engaging and enlightening conversation.

This Urban Design Alliance (UDAL) event is part of the Asia Pacific Architecture Festival 2021, an initiative of Architecture Media and State Library of Queensland.


Kathi Holt, president, Urban Design Alliance


Malcolm Middleton, Queensland Government Architect

John Byrne, urban design advocate

Laurel Johnson, city and social planner

John Montgomery, urban and regional planner


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